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We create custom components paying particular attention to weight and performance.

Supporto per motorsport


Collettore per Lancia Fulvia con lattice stampato il 3D

Thanks to the use of 3D printing, we create prototypes and finished components aimed at solving any problems, increasing performance and optimizing the aesthetics, always guaranteeing the greatest lightness possible of the piece.

Collettore per Lancia sezione
Collettore per Lancia stampa 3D
Collettore per Lancia montato
Collettore stampato in 3D montato su automobile


Boat AMD engineering
On the right we can see an entirely custom made grommet with a focus on performance and lightness, printed in AISI316L to ensure greater resistance to water, wind and salt.
We create customized elements for nautical use. These components are designed to be performing while maintaining a light weight and molded in stainless metal or plastic materials.
Passacorda per imbarcazioni
Passacorda per imbarcazioni


Possibility to create customized parts with polymeric FDA materials and 316L stainless steel. ​

Thanks to surface finishing technologies we are able to obtain customized surface finishes, up to polishing. ​


We make both prototypes and finished products.

Ugello dosatore per bevande

Below is an example of the different surface finishes.

Surface finishing 3D printing


We design custom any kind of object.
For example the pen on the right and frame below.
Christ design AMD engineering
Biro personalizzabile stampata in 3D
Biro personalizzabile stampata in 3D
Biro personalizzabile stampata in 3D
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